Process Outbound Hay Cargos

  1. Click on the Traffic Center link in the left-navigation menu.
  2. Choose "Ship from Inventory" as the cargo movement type.
  3. Click on the "Planned or Incomplete Work Orders" tab to see whether the shipment was scheduled. You can search by booking number if necessary.
  4. If a record already exists, click on the Cargo number or Work Order number to open the Traffic Center detail.
  5. Otherwise, click on "Create Cargo" near the bottom of the screen.
  6. Container Type = 40 ft. Standard, etc.
  7. Cargo Number = Container Number
  8. Click the Received date
  9. Choose the appropriate scale and add the weight ticket information, especially the driver/memo field
  10. In the Order Fulfillment section, enter the SKU or Sales Order information and click "Make Assignment"
  11. In the Fulfilled cell in the Order Fulfillment grid, enter the number of containers shipped. This should always be 1.
  12. Click the "Work Orders" tab to add or complete work orders, etc.
  13. If you are running scale integration, do not complete the Loaded date or complete any work orders until the driver returns for a tare weight.
  14. Click the "Inventory" tab to relieve inventory by tag number or SKU.
  15. Run the appropriate reports (Cargo Bill of Lading and/or Scale Weight Ticket)