Create a Sales Order

  1. Click on "Sales Orders" in the left-navigation menu.
  2. Either search to find existing orders (to make sure you haven't already created one), or click "Add New..."
  3. Complete the Buyer, Seller, and other information on the top portion of the window.
  4. Click on the "Dates" tab and fill in the appropriate dates.
  5. Click on the "Terms" tab and complete the terms.
  6. Add Notes, Attachments, or other information as necessary.
  7. Press Save.
  8. Click on the "Items" tab and then click "Add Item"
  9. If you are selling a product based upon existing inventory (SKU), then enter the SKU.
  10. Choose the item that is sold (this may need to be different than the item that auto-fills based upon the SKU)
  11. Quantity Ordered = Number of Containers
  12. Container Class = type of container (40, 20, etc.)
  13. Amount = Sales Price. Set the Amount Per to the appropriate unit type (ST, MT)
  14. Add reference numbers as necessary.
  15. On the "Assignments" tab, enter at least a quantity (that matches from #11 above) and Work Zone. Press "Assign". You must do this for each line item.
  16. Press Save and Close
  17. Add additional Items as necessary.
  18. Run the "Agreement" report so that you can print or send as necessary.

See Sales Order for more information.