Create a Quick / Domestic Sale

To create a short sale when a customer arrives navigate to the Traffic Center and use the following steps to generate a cargo record, scale ticket, inventory, and invoice.

Customer Arrives

1. Click on Traffic Center (left navigation pane)

2. Change Select the type of cargo movement to "Outbound"

3. Click "Create Cargo" button on bottom of screen

Section 1: Cargo Record

A. Change container type to "Flatbed" or "Pick-up"

Section 2: Scale Ticket

B. Enter/Read the scale ticket number and associated gross weight

C. Save and Close until driver returns with product loaded

4. Save and Close Record

Customer Returns

1. Retrieve Cargo record by either Cargo Number or Scale Ticket

Section 1: Cargo Record

A. Check the "Received", "Loaded", "Delivered to Carrier" date checkboxes

Section 2: Scale Ticket

B. Enter/Read the associated tare weight to complete the Scale Ticket

Section 3: Order Fulfillment

C. Select "Sales Order" from the dropdown

D. Click the "Add New Icon" (asterisk record icon)

2. Creating a Sales Order

A. Select the Buyer's name and address

B. Confirm the Seller's name and address

C. Save the Sales Order (system will assign a sales order number)

D. Click the "Add Item" button

1. Enter a SKU and/or Item

2. Enter the Price (in US $)

3. Enter the Amount Per (ST)

4. Assignments Tab enter the Qty, Cargo# (if not prepopulated), click Assign

5. Save and Close Sales Order

3. Return to complete Cargo record

Section 3: Order Fulfillment

E. Enter Fulfilled of "1

Section 7: Inventory

E. Enter SKU and click Add

F. Override Quantity 1 with negative (bale count)

G. Click "Copy from Inventory Without SKUs"

4. Create and print Invoice

Section 3: Order Fulfillment

E. Scroll over to Number and click Hyperlink to open Sales Order

F. Select Invoice Tab and click “Create Invoice”

G. Preview Invoice to verify accuracy of quantity and price

H. Print 2 copies (1 for customer)