Enter a Purchase Contract

A purchase contract in Shipper is treated as an agreement to purchase an item(s) from a particular seller. A purchase contract may have one or more items associated with it. Additionally, the contract items may be delivered in single or multiple deliveries each individually tracked by a purchase order related back to the main contract.

  • Locate the Purchase Contract Search Tool in the navigation
  • Click the "Add New..." icon. On the first screen the only required information to be completed is the Seller
  • Press Save and the system will auto assign a purchase contract number
  • Click "Add Item..." to enter the items being purchased
    • Enter a SKU if the information is known. If a new SKU is needed click the icon with * and enter the appropriate SKU information to create the record. When done press Save and Close to return to the Purchase Contract Item screen
    • Enter a description of the item to be listed on the agreement. Note: if the SKU description differs from the Item description you will receive a pop-up. If you want the data to match click Yes, otherwise press No to keep data as entered
    • Enter the quantity information if known, as well as a price
    • The Amount Per (how the product will be received, i.e., each, container, short ton) is required to save the record
    • If the purchase contract is associated with an existing booking enter the number and Tab to verify. If the booking does not exist in the system press the icon with * to create a new booking record. When done press Save and Close to return to the Purchase Contract Item screen. Enter the Work Zone and press Assign to assign the specific purchase contract items to the booking.
    • When data for the item is complete press Save and Close to return to the purchase contract
  • Enter any applicable Dates, Terms, Notes, and Queues to be associated with the contract
  • Press Save and Close

See Purchase Contract for more information.