Using Power BI

Before you can connect using Power BI, you just need four things:

  1. PowerBI Desktop can be installed from
    • You can also use the Power BI service An Office 365 subscription is required. This allows you to share reports, build dashboards, build mobile views, and auto-refresh data regularly.
  2. Your database name
  3. Your email address and Shipper password
  4. This sample file.

To get started:

  1. Save the sample file with the name of your database, e.g. ACME.pbix.
  2. Open the file using Power BI Desktop
    1. Edit Parameters:
      1. Enter your Instance (Database Code):
    1. Apply Changes:
    1. Enter your credentials. Make sure to choose Basic authentication on the left.

This is powerful and somewhat complicated, so here are some important notes:

  • Double-check your numbers before you trust them.
  • Focus on why you want the data. What decision are you trying to make?
  • Data is only updated daily. Data like this is not real-time.
  • It's meant to observe trends over time.
  • It's meant to forecast the future, but only as much as you have provided.

Good Luck!