Schedule Upcoming Work Orders

  1. Use the "Shipment Status" report to see upcoming orders.
  2. Use the Work Order Scheduler tool to look at the current work order schedule.
  3. Add a Work Order. Each work order represents ONE container.
    • Item = PRESS
    • Choose your Work Zone
    • Choose the appropriate Work Center (e.g. Press 21)
    • ALWAYS choose a Planned Start date
    • Choose a Shipment
    • Press Save to get a work order number and to retrieve initial order fulfillment
    • On the Order Fulfillment tab, find the line item that will be fulfilled and enter a 1 in the Assigned column.
    • On the Inventory tab, enter the inventory that will be used.
    • To make copies of this work order, you should use the Save and Clone button.
  4. Make sure to confirm the schedule again using the Work Order Scheduler. You may need to click refresh.