Complete or Finalize a Booking

  1. Run the "Booking Cargo" report to make sure that all containers are present, have proper weights, and have the appropriate inventory entries.
  2. Run the "Estimated Shrink" report to confirm that the product recorded as used in the booking is probably accurate.
  3. Run the "Shipment Inventory Cost" to report to accounting the dollar amount of inventory relieved.
  4. Check and Reconcile your Inventory for affected SKUs.
  5. Run the "Work Order Summary" to review the work orders for each Cargo record on the Booking.
  6. Proceed to Invoicing/Documentation
  7. Mark the Booking as completed.
    • Note: you must have permission to Delete bookings before you can Complete them.
    • Note: once a Booking has been completed, it may be Posted and then become read-only.