Grower Deposits

Enter Grower Deposits in Shipper Paid Directly from QuickBooks

  1. Receive from Accounting the following deposit details
  2. Check Number, Check Amount, Payee, Date Paid
  3. Open Shipper
  4. Navigate to “Bills” Search Tools
  5. Click “Add New”
  6. Select Seller record which matches Payee
  7. Select your company name as Buyer
  8. Enter Purchase Contract Number in Agreement Field
  9. If the number is duplicated in both sales and purchase agreements a pop-up window will appear for you to select the corresponding Purchase Contract
  10. If the Sale Contract is selected in error; remove the agreement number, Save and Close, reopen, enter agreement number and select Purchase Contract
  11. Enter Deposit in Memo field
  12. Click “Save” to assign Bill Number
  13. Click “Add Item” on Items Tab
  14. In Item Field enter text = Deposit
  15. Note Bill will reflect a zero dollar amount
  16. Click “Save and Close”
  17. Enter the following on Dates and Terms Tab
  18. Bill Date = Date Paid
  19. Terms = Prepaid
  20. Enter the payment details on the Payments Tab by tabbing across fields
  21. Check Amount
  22. Payment Date = Date Paid
  23. Reference 1 = Check Number
  24. Method = Check
  25. Save and Close
  26. Open Agreement Summary for Purchase Contract and confirm the deposit is reflected.
  27. There will be two lines listed the first is a zero amount bill and the second is the check for the deposit