Install ShipperXL for Windows

Important: in order to complete the initial installation you must be logged in as an Administrator on your computer. If you receive an error message such as "Administrator permissions are required to install.... Contact your administrator." then you are either not logged in correctly or do not have administrator rights on your machine.

Click SETUP.EXE to download and run the Shipper setup file.

Follow instructions for your browser as shown in the videos below:

Chrome Browser

(click for video)

Edge Browser

(click for video)

Internet Explorer

(click for video)

IMPORTANT: If you will be printing inventory tags or work orders, you will need to install the Bar Code Font.

Having Trouble? Try our Windows Troubleshooting page for help.

Alternative Installations:

1. For production scenarios where the automatically upgraded version is not preferred, use Hurkin.Shipper.Client.Setup.msi

2. For TEST environments and to test the latest features, run and install setup.exe