This feature allows two or more companies to share Shipment, Booking, Cargo, and Scale Ticket information without needing to re-enter it between companies.

Once set up, this feature should reduce the workload between Shipper customers, and encourage more companies to try Shipper.


1. Both companies need to subscribe to the Event Manager service. Contact support@hurkin.com if you are not sure whether you have this service. All Enterprise customers have it, as well as other customers that have the "System Events" item in their menus.

2. Company "A" needs to have Company "B" listed as a Party. Your Short Code and X-Link Code should generally match. If not, contact support.

3. The party needs to be listed as an "Ebusiness Partner" in order for the functionality to appear.

4. SUPER IMPORTANT. Both companies should have all shared forwarders, shippers, and other parties in BOTH systems. If you have company "Z" then they need to have company "Z". The names OR short code must match. Alternatively, you can configure String Translations.

How does it work?

When you are ready to share data with another company, use the Sharing button that will appear on the Booking screen:

Set the information appropriately:

Some Notes

  • X-Link is constantly running. Every 10-15 minutes it will look for data to synchronize.
  • When sharing Shipments, the associated orders, fulfillment, etc. are NOT copied.
  • Cargo records are only copied when they have been marked as "Ready to Ship" or "Completed"
  • Attachments copy, but only images. PDFs and other documents do not copy at this time. If you need this, contact support.
  • In general, if you are receiving Cargo records from another company, you should be able to run documents and basic reports. If a report does not work, contact support.
  • If you want to be notified of incoming changes or new items coming from a particular company, check out the advanced configuration available in Queues.