ShipperXL Scale Kiosk

Our scale terminal can connect directly to most commercial truck scales to automatically read weights. This simplifies procedures allowing:

  • Inbound trucks simply enter their truck number.
  • Upon return, they can scale out and print a weight ticket.
  • Container loading is done by scanning work orders
  • Work orders are automatically timestamped finished.

If you have one or two cameras pointing at your scale, a copy of the picture can be taken simultaneously and attached to the scale ticket.

These features virtually eliminate errors transcribing weights from physical tickets.


Using the Scale Terminal

The scale terminal can speed up operations at the scale, especially if paperwork is already printed and ready to go.

When weighing, the weight will be in green when the weight is stable. Wind or movement on the scale can cause it to fluctuate. Try and press the RECORD button only when the weight is GREEN.

The image and weight captured when you press RECORD is whatever you are seeing on the screen at the time you press the button.

Weighing by truck number and tag number:

  1. Enter the truck number

Weighing by work order:

  1. Enter or SCAN the work order number.
  2. Confirm the weight

Multi-weight mode:

For short scales that require multiple weights, this can be configured using the Scales screen in Shipper.

For the FIRST weight, press RECORD.

For the SECOND weight press RECORD.

Then, press DONE.

  1. Record the weight:
    1. When the truck returns, enter or SCAN the work order number again.
    2. Record the weight or print.

What if it's just a pickup? Press RECORD then press DONE.

When the truck returns, the options are similar:

    1. When the truck returns, enter the truck number again.
    2. Record the weight or print
    1. If you want to print again (or accidentally press record only), just press the re-print button.

If you see a warning message, READ IT and double-check that everything is correct.

The system calculates the median (middle, similar to average) of all load weights and quantities. If these are significantly under or over, it will show a warning.

The median is calculated based upon the ITEM and the SCALE. That's it. Not the SKU. Not the size of the truck or container.