Use Search Combo / Dropdowns

On many screens in Shipper there are dropdown lists for all sorts of data from customers to items to ports, etc. Some of these lists are quite large and it is not recommended that you simply press the Dropdown button to see the entire list. In fact, you'll only see the first 100 items anyway.

Instead, type the name or short code of the company, item, port, etc. and press the TAB key.

When you press TAB, the system will look up the data and replace it with the full name, etc.

Sometimes, you only know part of the name. Go ahead and type what you know and press TAB. The system will return the results that match.

In some cases, your MOUSE cursor will disappear when using these types of fields. We are aware of that issue and it is a bug with some one of our software development tools. Never fear, however. Just press TAB to leave the control, or use your UP and DOWN buttons to scroll through the list.