Customizing My Company Logo

You set this logo from the Tools | Options screen and click on the Database settings. You will need a logo file that looks good at a size of 250 x 75 pixels.

Advanced Settings:

Some reports support an automatic replacement of the logo depending upon the primary party on the report. Commercial Invoice is the prime example. For this to work:

  • The logo can be either a PNG or JPG format.
  • Your company logo must be accessible from the internet via a web server. For example: "http://www.mycompany/logos/logo.png"
  • Your default logo file name must be SHORTCODE-logo.png (jpg is also supported). The SHORTCODE is the short code for the Seller.
  • The company logo location must be set using HAAL, not the Options page above.
  • Any additional companies that could show as the Seller on the commercial invoice MUST have a logo on your server in the same format (e.g. COMPANYA-logo, COMPANYB-logo, etc.). The system does not automatically revert to your default logo.