Copy Data Quickly

Shipper offers three options to save data-entry time by semi-automating various tasks where the information entered remains consistent for the most part while one or two modifications are necessary.

  1. Save and Clone -- This tool available on some screens offers the user the ability to save the current record, clone the information and allow edits to field selections before saving the second record.
  2. Copy To... -- This tool allows a user to copy agreement record data to another agreement type without the need to reenter the information. For example, copy a purchase contract to a purchase order for a specific delivery against the main contract which captures the Parties, Terms, and Items for reduced data entry and potential errors.
  3. Work Order Templates -- Through the Work Order Scheduler a work order template may be created and assigned to SKUs or bookings allowing users to select the template and apply when completing a cargo through the Traffic Center which is helpful when creating a multiple container booking with the same processes and/or workers.