ShipperXL for Windows: The Basics

Navigating Screens or Windows:

  • Most every window contains a grid layout. These grids will contain a variety of data types and information. A few windows are completely read-only, but note some will allow a user to modify the data shown directly. Editable grids can be identified by a white background AND some cells with a gray background. Read-only girds are shown with only a white background.
  • To move the cursor from one cell to the next, simply use the "Tab" key. To go backwards, hold down the "Shift" key and then click "Tab".
  • Windows may have underlined letters which indicate a user may press "Alt" plus the character as a keyboard shortcut versus clicking the link. For example, if a label appears as "Open a new Order" then typing "Alt O" will activate the button or control.
  • Searchable dropdown list boxes with arrow icon will automatically expand to user typed entries. Begin typing desired search criteria and press "Tab". Scroll down the populated list with the arrow keys to desired selection and press "Tab" to confirm.
  • Searchable text boxes without the dropdown arrow icon are used by typing the information desired and pressing "Tab" to validate entry.
  • Shipper allows a user to open multiple windows from any screen. To return to a particular window without closing all open screens press "Alt" and while holding down the key press the "Tab" key which allows the user to scroll through the windows to locate the desired screen.

Refreshing Screens or Windows:

  • A few of the screens or windows will not automatically reflect the user entered or modified data until the record is refreshed. A refresh button is available on the menu in these instances and should be used upon returning from a prior tiled open window to review data entries for accuracy. If a user enters information and it is now reflected they should first refresh the screen to ensure they are viewing the latest information before proceeding.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • "F3" = activates Quick Find
  • "Ctrl C" = selected text or data will be copied to the clipboard and can be pasted within application or into other applications
  • "Ctrl V" = pastes previously selected text or data into field or application where cursor is placed
  • "F10" = return to the main window
  • "F11" = return to the home page
  • "F9" = flushes the in-memory data cache. Useful when making changes to products, services, geographic data, or other table fields which typically aren't modified on a consistent basis