Using Power BI

Before you can connect using Power BI, you just need four things:

  1. PowerBI Desktop can be installed from
    • You can also use the Power BI service An Office 365 subscription is required. This allows you to share reports, build dashboards, build mobile views, and auto-refresh data regularly.
  2. Your database name
  3. Your email address and Shipper password
  4. This sample file.

To get started:

  1. Save the sample file with the name of your database, e.g. ACME.pbix.
  2. Open the file using Power BI Desktop
  3. Edit Parameters:

4. Enter your Instance (Database Code):

5. Apply Changes:

6. Enter your credentials. Make sure to choose Basic authentication on the left AND select the bottom item in the level list (should contain your database name).

This is powerful and somewhat complicated, so here are some important notes:

  • Double-check your numbers before you trust them.
  • Focus on why you want the data. What decision are you trying to make?
  • Data is updated as often as you wish, but is not real-time.
  • It's meant to observe trends over time.
  • It's meant to forecast the future, but only as much as you have provided.

Good Luck!