QuickBooks Service

NOTE: These instructions are intended only for knowledgeable IT staff.

NOTE: QuickBooks Service is old and requires constant supervision by IT staff. We suggest using QuickBooks online instead.

  1. The pre-requisite is QODBC (http://qodbc.com/qodbc.htm) Server Edition - $499 - correctly installed and configured on a dedicated, always-on machine (such as a server), that has a properly installed version of QuickBooks.
  1. Set up and test an ODBC driver source named "QUICKBOOKS"
  2. Install on your server
    • Download the "Shipper QuickBooks Service". http://apps.hurkin.com/downloads/Hurkin.Shipper.QuickBooksService.msi
    • Run and complete the installation
    • Browse to the "C:\Program Files\Hurkin Software\ShipperToQuickBooks" directory
    • Open "Hurkin.Shipper.QuickBooksService.exe.config" with notepad.
    • Edit the text file changing <value /> to <value>the-value-you-set</value>
      • Instance -- Set the value to the name of the DATABASE code
      • License -- Set the value to the LICENSE code
      • Example: <setting name="Instance" serializeAs="String"> <value>DEV1</value> </setting>
    • Start services.msc and find "Hurkin Shipper to QuickBooks Service"
    • Configure the login as appropriate (and highly recommended)
    • Start the service and confirm that it stays running
    • Watch the Event Log for issues

Release Notes:

  • You may install this service on only one machine. This application uses HAAL to manage up to 9 instance connections per installation. A license is required for each system to which this service will connect. These are configured in HAAL by support staff. You only need to know the instance and license code for this one installation.
  • Source to Target Mapping