Event Manager

Optional Mail Reader:

This service downloads email from a dedicated email account via Event Manager. If the email has attachments and the subject line corresponds to a Cargo, Shipment, or SKU in the database then the attachments will be uploaded and attached. Otherwise, the email will be deleted from the inbox and a reply will be sent to the sender.

  • You will need to request this service to be configured by sending the email address, server name, and password to support@hurkin.com.
  • We suggest setting up an account with outlook.com. Here are the relevant settings:

Install Event Manager

NOTE: These instructions are intended only for knowledgeable IT staff. This is for HURKIN cloud servers only.

  1. Download the "Event Manager Service". http://apps.hurkin.com/downloads/Hurkin.Shipper.EventService.msi
  2. Run and complete the installation
  3. Browse to the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Hurkin Software\Shipper Event Manager" directory
  4. Open "Hurkin.Shipper.EventService.exe.config" with notepad.
  5. Edit the text file changing <value /> to <value>the-value-you-set</value>
    • Instance -- Set the value to the name of the DATABASE code
    • License -- Set the value to the LICENSE code
    • Example: <setting name="Instance" serializeAs="String"> <value>DEV1</value> </setting>
  6. Start services.msc and find "Hurkin Shipper Event Manager"
  7. Configure the login as appropriate.
  8. Start the service and confirm that it stays running
  9. Watch the Event Log for errors.